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【Guangzhou expo】Yinshan White Cement beautfy Guangzhou Internation Building & Deco Fair


On July 11, 2015, the 17thChina(Guangzhou) international building decoration fair

known as "Asian No.1 exhibition of building materials" which held in China import

and export commodities fair exhibition hall perfectly ended. Jiangxi Yinshan white

cement co., Ltd with its high whiteness high strength white cement and its application

beatified guangzhou building decoration fair.

Yinshan White Cement’shigh whiteness and high compressive strength characteristics

become the highlightof this exhibition.Showing products included cultured stone,tile

glue,joint mixtureand GRC components.Yinshan adopts advanced white cement patent

technology,who specialized in production high whiteness, high strength, high stability

and low alkaline green highend white cement.Many participants stop their steps to our

booth,appreciating and watching carefully our products. Just a few hours,the staff  has

received more than hundreds of people,including professional foreign counterparts.

They watched, consulted and asked for related information, our prepared investment

promotion brochures, product manuals etc almost given out.

Jiangxi Yinshan attended Guangzhou fair this time,not only showed white cement

application panorama presented to the world, but also showed obscure efforts of an

unknown enterprise andindustry.That is because of these efforts making Yinshan

becomes one of the 52.5 grade white cement manufactures in the mainland,which

completely broke the monopoly China highend white cement market by foreign

companies.Yinshan white cement company will continued to work hard,built a

technology-based and service team.