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【Qatar expo】2017. 5. 8-11 Doha,Qatar: PROJECT DOHA


Yinshan company firmly follow the road of internationalization

Till present exported to USA ROYAL white cement,Japan SKK,Philippines, Korea, India, Myanmar, Australia, Russia,etc.

Following the building material exhibition in Paris,France and Manila, Philippines Worldbex building materials exhibition,

and Moscow Russia construction exhibition,Yinshan team comes to Qatar Doha on May 8-11th.

As the best quality of white cement,Yinshan booth attracts many visitors.

Intimate talk with Qatar customer

On exhibition ,Yinshan deeply attracted everyone with its high whiteness, high strength and fine white cement products.

Yinshan company move towards the world, to do first brand white cement.

Jiangxi Yinshan White Cement Co.,Ltd

2017,Project Doha(2017.5.8-2017.5.11)

Booth Number: 4 -H113