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【Academician Workstation】The opening ceremony of Jiangxi Yinshan White cement academician workstation successfully held



 On 16th January, 2018, the academician workstation of Yinshan white

cement company was officially inaugurated.

Miao Changwen,famous as academician of Chinese academy engineering,

southeast university's Professor and Chairman of Jiangsu building science

research institute,attended the ceremony and speech.

Our company chairman Wu Feilong,general manager Zeng Rong, and the

team members of Miao Changwen attended the ceremony.

(The opening ceremony)

(Miao Changwen,Academician of Chinese academy engineering made a speech)

(Inaugurate for Yinshan white cement company of the academician workstation)

(Communicate and analyze current major research results and future five years plans of work)

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