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【Yinshan Japan Expo】—2018 JAPAN HOME & BUILDING SHOW




     ◆Expo date:20-22th,Nov, 2018

     ◆Expo placeTokyo Big Sight日本东京都有明国际展览中心

  ◆Yinshan booth No.:East 5hall 5R-07-12

According to statistics, on the Expo second day, more than 30,000 professional

visitors attended the meeting. The entire exhibition was full of people.

Our customers saw our high whiteness white cement samples.

They also learned that we have been working with SKK for many years and are

very confident in the quality and stability of our products. Many companies

expressed their willingness to establish preliminary cooperation with us.

Japanese customers are known for their high quality, high requirements,and

meticulous care. To obtain the recognition of Japanese customers and the

market,manufacturers must not only do a good job in product quality,but

also be more careful, rigorous, and 100 % careful in service.

Our customer SKK is a paint brand owned by Japan SK Kaken Co., Ltd.It has a

history of more than 60 years since its establishment. Its factories and marketing

scope are widely distributed in major Asian countries, and its brand is known

around the world. From the initial contact with them,to itsfactory small batch trial

Yinshan white cement, after more than a year of grinding and  continuous

monitoring our products, and each test has to extract different production

batches,they confirm the stability of our cement quality before use it carefully.

We have been working together with SKK steadily for many years now.

Yinshan white cement cooperative enterprises

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