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To cooperate with our customers to use Yinshan white cement more

effectively,we organize professional teams in particular and combine

advanced scientific payoffs in domestic and overseas to offer technical

solution to customers,improve product quality and attain "mutual success".

White Cement Application Technology Center

There are a batch of applicant specialists of white cement in Sheng De Han (China)

Sustainable Development

Yinshan White Cement attaches importance to energy saving and consumption reducing

during the process of white cement manufacturing as well as its influence on working

conditions and surrounding environment.

Yinshan has managed to establish a perfect system for environmental protection

and energy conservation to ensure a sustainable development.

Advanced White Cement Manufacturing Technique

Yinshan White Cement is possessed with the most advanced white cement manufacturing

technique, which enables its products to reach the supreme standard internationally.

Incessant Research and Development

With regard to the performance and usage of white cement, Yinshan White Cement lays

emphasis on the requirements of users specially.

Yinshan company is engaged in the unceasing research and development of white cement,

and spares no effort to improve its quality and performance.

Quality Management and ISO Standard Quality Management System

Yinshan White Cement faithfully implement the ISO9000 quality certification system from raw materials to the manufacturing process and final leave of factory to ensure product quality.

SDH Brand White Cement
High whiteness,high compressive strength