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Yinshan P.W 32.5 Grade Construction,Decoration White Cement

  • Yinshan P.W 32.5 Grade Construction,Decoration White Cement

32.5Grade White Portland Cement

Products Attributes

With an approx. 89% whiteness level and high degree of workability, commonly

used in decorative concrete products and tiles.

Product Features

YINSHAN brand white cement especially suitable formanufacturingconcrete,precast

 concrete,bare concrete, GRC products, adhesives and other special occasions.

YINSHAN brand white cement is generally used for color pavement brick,permeable

 brick, cultured stone,sculpture craft, terrazzo, wear-resisting grounds.

YINSHAN white cement with specular reflection performance,which can highly

 improve the safety of the roadside stone, road signs, road central dividing line.


Stored in dry,ventilated and cool place,to make it anti-humidity,

it would be better use plate to make cement ground isolation,

Product storage time for 3 months.