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P.W 52.5 Grade Construction,Decoration White Cement

  • SDH brand P.W 52.5 Grade Construction,Decoration White Cement
  • Whiteness more than 90%
  • Main material: Silicate

52.5Grade White Portland Cement

Products Attributes

Initial setting time:2(h)

The standard consistency water:24(%)

Final setting time:2.8(h)

Strength rate:42.5

Content of Sulphur trioxide:1.1
Loss on ignition:0.2(%)

Cement Fineness:<2.5(%)

Sulfate Resistance:Moderate resistance

Product Features

Grade 52.5 meets GB/T2015-2005 specification for: precast concrete, cast-in-place

concrete,terrazzo, median barriers, curbs, tile grout, paint, masonry units, swimming

pools,glass fiber reinforced surface bonding mortars and much more!

Available in 40kg/50kg bag, super sacks, and bulk.

SDH White Portland 52.5 is of high quality, whiteness and strength, it essentially has

the same properties and characteristics as gray cement, except for color.


Stored in dry,ventilated and cool place,to make it anti-humidity,

it would be better use plate to make cement ground isolation,

Product storage time for 3 months.