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52.5 Grade First Brand White Cement

  • SDH brand P.W 52.5 Grade Construction,Decoration White Cement
  • Whiteness more than 90%
  • Main material: Silicate

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Portland cement 52.5

Brief description:

With the use of the best raw materials produces the highest quality of

white cement in the market. SDH WHITE CEMENT has a higher percentage of whiteness and incomparable strength

to the competition. SDH White cement conforms to ASTCM C-150 TYPE -1, EN 197-1 CEM 1 52.5N.

Application: White Portland cement is used in various industries and has various uses such as:

  • Putty powder/skim coat

  • Paint industries

  • Ready Mix mortar

  • Tile adhesive industries

  • Ceramic Tile industries

  • Decorative work

  • Concrete repair

  • Pre-cast Cladding

  • White concrete reinforced with glass fiber.

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