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SDH brand China manufacture white cement of 42.5 grade

  • SDH Brand P.W42.5 High grade White Cement
  • Whiteness more than 89%
  • Main material: Silicate

SDH brand  42.5 grade of white cement

Quality is stable, reliable, high strength, good abrasion resistance.


SDH white cement is wildy used for concrete manufacturing and prefabrication, GRC products,adhesive and etc.;

SDH white cement is generally applied for colored pavers, water permeable brick, cultured stone,

handiwork sculpture, terrazzo, wear-resisting floor, putty and etc.;

SDH white cement is equipped with high light reflection property, which enables the curbstone,

road sign, central divide of road made with it to have higher traffic security performance.

Grade 42.5 export to Korea

Package:1200kg jumbo bag,21bags/23bags per container

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